MayAir Air Purifier AP401

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MayAir Air Purifier AP401

  • $1,099.00

MayAir is the leading brand in Air Filtration Field.

It has 4 stages of filtration: 1. Pre-Filter; 2. HEPA Filter; 3. Carbon Filter; 4. Puraward Filter (UV Sterilization & Nanophotocatalysis)

CADR = 684m³/h (Noise Level:  60 | 53 | 48 | 34)

Service Area: 55m²

99.99% removal efficiency for particle size above 0.3μm. 99.99% Sterilization Rate

The sensors utilises the light passes through a convex lens upon the dust particles in the internal space thereby comparing the size and quantity of these dust particles. The Negative Ions also known as "Vitamins in the Air", it uses negative ions that generated by itself to purify, remove dust, deodorize & sterilize the air, makes the air in the room fresh and natural. 



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