Chrisal PIP Hand Gel 500ml

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Chrisal PIP Hand Gel 500ml

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PIP Handgel works effectively to prevent such recontamination. Upon application, the probiotic bacteria will colonize the hands and prevent pathogenic bacteria,
yeasts and moulds from multiplying thereby creating a healthy skin microflora.

Hand Sanitizer enriched with Beneficial Probiotics PIP
Handgel is a hand sanitizing gel enriched with probiotics that destroy harmful bacteria & viruses and keeps your hands clean and protected, helping to reduce the risk of infections.
The sterile surfaces left on hands after they are sanitized allows bacteria and germs in the environment to rapidly repopulate and thus quickly re-contaminate the hands.
The product also has conditioning and moisturizing properties. It refreshes the hands without the need for water and creates a pleasant and soothing sensation to the skin.



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