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About Us

About us

Company Profile
Licence No.: NEA200729/6866N/R02

Cleanixx company, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia provides a total solution to hygiene and odour management for childcare centers and hotels in Singapore and Malaysia as well as other regions in Asia. We carry brands such as AGNIX, Cleanixx, Chrisal Probiotic, MayAir air purifier. We are a licensed NEA (National Environment Agency, Singapore) commercial cleaning company and we have attained competency to handle COVID-19 disinfection in a non-healthcare facility, for example, Offices, Childcares and Hotels etc. Disinfectant used are in the approved active ingredients listed by NEA and specially formulated for optimal effectiveness on pathogen.

CLEANIXX provides specialised services in disinfection, carpet deep cleaning and general cleaning for commercial settings.

Our company mission is Clean, Safe and Protect – the three key components to a holistic hygiene and cleanliness solution for our customers.

Brand Distribution & Marketing

Cleanixx collaborates with other brand owners for marketing and distribution into our sales channel, on digital or physical distribution application.

Our Story

Founded in 2014, Cleanixx believe in elevating the education of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (commonly known as HFMD) and other disease prevention. It is important that right protocols are adopted in ensuring a healthy and safe environment for childcare centres. Through understanding of our customer's hygiene needs, we developed new technology and products that cater to cleanliness and odour management.


Environment Friendly

Does not contain any hazardous residues that is harmful to the environment.

Natural Disinfectant

Kills microbes liked viruses, bacteria and fungus without any toxic materials.

Laboratory Tested

Our products are test by reputable test and certification agency to ensure product quality.


A safe and odourless solution that is tested to be non-toxic.

Naturally Formulated

Gentle to skin, does not contain any corrosive chemicals and alcohol.


About Silver Ion

Nano silver Ions also known as AG+ is a colloid of silver particles in water. AGNIX nano silver Ions is a non-toxic, non-alcohol substance that seeks and destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our microbes challenge test results from TUV PSB has shown 99.99% effective against drug resistant bacteria like MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and is child and pet safe.