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Cleanixx company (Singapore and Malaysia) provides a total solution to hygiene and odour management for childcare centers and hotels in Singapore and Malaysia as well as other regions in Asia. We carry brands such as AGNIX, Cleanixx, Chrisal probiotic clean and Multi-Clean as well as providing services in disinfection, carpet deep cleaning and general cleaning.

Our company mission is Clean, Safe and Protect – the three key components to a holistic hygiene and cleanliness solution for our customers.


AGNIX Clean product is a non-alcohol, child safe, gentle to the skin and has been clinically certified to kill 99.998% of bacteria and virus.  Specially formulated using nano silver for childcare center, kindergarten or your home or office.


A one stop hygiene and cleaning solution for your home, office and commercial use. Also available tobacco odor removal and disinfectant products.


Cleanixx Alpine Fresh

The hot sales Tobacco Removal

Contact us for child care, kindergarten disinfect fogging or our System-4 carpet shampoo for home, commercial and child care. Trusted and used by child care, kindergarten and tuition centers in Singapore and Malaysia.

COVID-19 Singapore Disinfectant Service

Disinfection service licensed by NEA Singapore. We use QAC/ethyl alcohol to kill COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. Formulated for large commercial area disinfection using fogging and contact time methodology.

Premium Ambient Scenting

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, the ability to create memorable customer experience has become one of the most critical factors for success.
Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all our senses and both academic and industrial studies have shown that scent has a strong impact on how customers regard a brand.

Our clients also have the option of selecting allergen-free fragrances that we create specifically for infants and sensitive skins. Our allergen-free fragrances do not contain any of the allergen ingredients defined under the EU cosmetics directive.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create that unique scent that best fits your requirements.

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