AGnix Heal

I have Eczema on my arms and believe me, it is very itchy and painful at times. I try not to scratch, but I simply couldn’t stop myself and my skin starts to bleed after that. I bought a bottle and started to spray on my itchy skin. Within a few minutes, I could actually feel the itch subsiding! I continued to spray and it was really a good relief. About a week of constant spraying, I could actually see the skin recovering. It is really effective! Too bad they dont have a gel version.

Ms Tracy Pang (Tiong Bahru, Singapore)

Complaints about pungent odour inside the children’s afternoon nap room. Placed a Humidifier inside the children nap room uses AGnix Natural Aroma Calm & Disinfectant solution. Help sanitises the room and releases active silver ion agents and Lavender fragrance mist onto the air. Usage of 2 hours every day, it keeps the room bacteria free for 9 hours and also remove unwanted odours. One week later, the pungent urine smell has disappeared, the children were able to sleep well and room smells with Lavender fragrance. testimonial-cleanixx-2 testimonial-cleanixx-1


AGnix Pets

It was any other ordinary day until one day, my dog has sort of suddenly began itching profusely. He has been itching so bad that he has made his skin raw in places. I was very worried about it and decided to ask around my friends who have dogs if this problem have ever occur on their dogs as well. Luckilyy, I have a friend who recommended me to use collaidal silver. At first I was pretty skeptical about it as I have never ever heard anyone using silver to treat their pets. After much convincing from my friend, I decided to give it a try as my dog was suffering miserably. I sprayed it on the spots where my dog is feeling the itch and day by day I see it getting better and I can see that he’s not feeling miserable anymore! The vast difference of his skin makes me relieved. I’m glad I’ve found this product and I’ll definitely recommend any dogs with itch to use it. image1 image2

Ms Charis (Bedok, Singapore)

Open wound, Slight bleeding, Caused minor infectiontestimonial-cleanixx