Disinfection Services

Cleanixx Company provides disinfect and hygiene service on on-call or contract basis, we use our patented AGNIX Clean to mist your premises thoroughly to a wide surface area and hard to reach areas where pathogen tends to hide and thrive whereby presenting an opportunity for the spread of contagious diseases.

AGNIX Clean is certified by TUV-SUV PSB to kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses such as HFMD, Flu virus and MRSA and is tested to be non-toxic and safe in the presence of children. There is why the childcare center need not be closed or vacate during our disinfection service. We use Hygenia ATP machine to test for organism and bacteria count before and after application of AGNIX Clean.

In addition to our disinfect service, we present a service report and an advisory to help our customers understand the risk associated with contagious diseases such as HFMD and recommends preventive measures in an outbreak prevention. Cleanixx offers hand sanitizer product that is approved by KKM (Ministry of Health, Malaysia) and a whole suite of hygiene products that may suit your hygiene needs.

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Carpet Deep Shampoo Services

Do you know through routine cleaning of your carpet helps to extend the lifespan as well as the hygiene of the carpet and environment? Dust, stains and mould tends to accumulate overtime and dust mites also colonize your carpet where you cannot see them with your naked eyes. The effect of these are symptoms of skin allergy, sensitive nose, itchy eyes and even indoor sick syndrome.

Cleanixx company has the experience in deep shampoo for childcare centers, hotels and offices and have reinstate the carpet condition to approximately 80 – 90% to its brand-new state through our 4 steps deep clean protocol that encompasses dry vacuum, shampoo and solvent scrub, vacuum suction of residual water, dry blower and disinfect (optional). Our customers witnessed the obvious difference before and after and is satisfied with our carpet deep shampoo service.

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Tobacco smell and Musty smell treatment and disinfect service

Having issues with tobacco and musty smell that is bothering you as an operator of hotels, home stay or service apartments?

We have the solution for you, call us for a free demo or trial using our patented Alpine Fresh tobacco & musty smell removal service or trial products.

We don’t just mask the smell. Our product removes the cigarette and musty smell molecules to rid of the after smells. Antibacterial nano silver ions is also added into this patented formulation to provide an safe stay.

Singapore Promotion- $39 per room.

Malaysia- RM120 per room.



General Cleaning

Busy executives and parents are deprived of family time and often tired, exhausted after work hence the household chores have been neglected unwillingly. Or your office needs daily cleaning to maintain a hygienic and clean environment, where cleanliness is important to your company image. 

If your office or house cleanliness is a real concern to you, we have the solutions for you. Cleanixx company understands your needs and want – from getting a reliable cleaner to quality service, we put ourselves in your shoes and that’s why we offer general cleaning services at your doorsteps whether ad-hoc or contract basis.

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After the sanitization, the cases of running nose has reduce a lot and children with allergy also had been reduced.
Principle of tadika alfa
We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and we have recommended your company to others because of our satisfication with your services and quality in products.​
janice lim
manager of momentum kindergarten
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