Contract Sanitization Services


Patented Silver ion technology, Non toxic, Zero Alcohol, No Triscolan and No Heavy metals.


Child-safe, Food safe and Kills 99.998% Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses.


– TUV-PSB SUV Singapore Pte Ltd
– Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation Test
– Non Toxic Test
– Acute Oral Toxicity Test
– Skin Irritation Test

Our products are designed for various applications – hand sanitise dispensers, proximity and children equipment sanitisation and Air purifying solution. Cleanixx antibacterial systems enable your premise to be always 100% protected from harmful microbial.

Cleanixx provide MOM approved cleaners which use AGNIX suite of products in sanitisation and disinfect your premises on either contract or ad-hoc basis. Cleanixx can tailor to your needs while ensuring your premises are clean, hygiene and germs free.

By using our services, it helps prevent HFMD, E.Coli, MRSA, H1N1 etc outbreak and ensuring your premises are protected from any harmful germs or viruses from spreading, keep your premise hygienic at all times.

Our sanitisation and hygiene program starts from $150 for ad-hoc call basis. One time fumigation service is also available.

Other affordable packages are available, please call contact us for more details.

  • Non-alcohol
  • Kills 99.998% of germs
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • No Pesticides

Based on my encounters with the customers, usually their cleaning aunty do not do sanitisation, rather just housekeeping. Some customers don’t have any hand sanitisers at the entrance of the centres, thereby no proper hygiene practises resulting in HFMD outbreak, or sometimes Diarrhea.

Our disinfect and sanitisation services eliminates the bacteria, viruses that is incubating within the premises – wall, door handlers, window, floor, air-con opening and fans, in the toilets as well. These are areas that cleaning aunty do not reach or clean. We do the fog whereby fine droplets are dispensed directly onto these surfaces to disinfect all pathogens. This is the root cause whereby HFMD or other bacterial spreads within the childcare premises (cross infection).

Benefits :

1) Kills pathogens effectively, tested 99.998% (Nano silver breakdown single cell organisms liked bacterial, fungus and viruses) and child safe.

2) Fog unreachable areas – Ceiling fans, corridor wall, entire flooring, door knobs, toilet cubicle, air-con opening where pathogens tend to thrive.

3) Our solution and product can remove still air, mold odour etc

4) No down time for centre or offices as our solution is non-toxic, no harmful chemicals.

5) Offer auto hand sanitiser installation, Antibacterial Hand-clean 101, Antibacterial Multi-clean 102 liquid wash for hygiene maintenance and cleanliness.

6) Applicable to use in F&B area to kill E.coli that usually found in food outlet, kitchens that causes food poisoning.

7) Provides our certificate of disinfection completed in the premise.

8) Added fragrance – water based Alpine fresh fragrance for an after-sanitisation after smell that is pleasant.

9) We offer either an ad hoc or a contract basis.

10) Affordable rates.