AGnix Zen Aroma Antibacterial Diffuser


10cm (L) x 10cm (H) x 7.5cm (W)


Fill 120ML, Automatic censor (on/off).


Rainbow Colours

AGnix Ultrasonic Zen aroma diffuser works best with AGnix Aroma series to provide 100% protection in your home or office, purifying the surroundings with our patented silver ion technology. Eliminates 99.998% of bacteria, fungus and viruses. Highly recommended for aromatherapy as well as providing a refreshing scent at the same time.

AGnix Aroma contains no pesticides, Triclosan, alcohol and is suitable for home and office use to provide germs protection every day. Kills harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses while providing you a soothing blend of aroma fragrances you desires. Suitable for adults and children.

  • Discharge Aroma fragrances and kills 99.998% of pathogen.
  • Remove odours
  • Provide aromatherapy relieve
  • No Pesticides
  • Non toxic
  • Certified Child safe