AGNIX Premium Car Diffuser

Enjoy aroma scent while you are driving, produces nice and relaxing scent for you and your passengers for a pleasant ride. It comes with beautiful redwood, pinewood design with premium metallic trim to match your car interior. You can have 3 metallic colours selection – Metallic Black, Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold to suit your individuality and match your car interior designs.

We recommend you use AGNIX air purifying solution and Herbs Garden pure essential oils to purify the entire car interior to remove unwanted smell and while disinfecting the car. Safe and non toxic.

Our AGNIX products are clinically tested to be safe for children while Herbs Garden pure essential oils are organic and does not contain any chemicals.

Height 14cm, Width 6cm
Colour and design – Metallic Black/redwood, Metallic Gold/pinewood and Metallic Silver/pinewood.
Water capacity – 50ml
Operating hour – maximum 1 hour
LED light buttons
Recommended to use AGNIX or Herbs Garden pure essential oil

Disinfect, purify air and remove car odours

Herbs Garden Pure essential oil – Flu Relieve, Calm, Lemongrass, Zen